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Amp FreQQ v2 + Overlay (Including delivery)


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2 Licenses for PC or Mac (Download only)

Custom overlay for Akai Midimix (Tracked Delivery)

Minimum requirements

  Apple Mac 2010 Intel i5 MacOS 10.11 El Capitan – tested to Monterey & M1 based macs

 PC 2010 with Intel i3 or equivalent CPU, 4 Gb Ram & Windows 7, 8, 10, 11



Made of waterproof and tear-proof synthetic paper.

Professionally printed, laminated and laser cut to fit the Akai Midimix perfectly.

They can just be laid or permanently stuck down and are available in two layouts:


EQ (Parametric)



Khaki Suit

Concrete Jungle Blue


Full feature list

4 Way isolator
  • Fully adjustable frequency cutoff, Q factor, gain (+12dB) and VU meters for each band.
  • FX, dub siren, microphone and sample player bypass and go straight to master.

Play any source

  • Twin digital deck players (mp3, m4a, wav, aiff and flac) with rewind (adjustable length) and auto-repeat.
  • Playlist save & load, playbar browse & cue (MIDI mappable).
  • Audio inputs for any source, e.g. turntable*, CD player, cassette tape, mobile phone, streaming services, DAW and DJ software**.
  • Additional audio inputs for sources such as microphone, dub siren, synth drum, instruments, with independent FX sends.


  • Tape echo modeled on the classic HH Slider tape echo. Full control over feedback, time and tape saturation. Custom band pass filter with sweep and Q factor control.
  • Reverb processor with extended control over room, high frequency damping and gain levels. Custom band pass filter with sweep and Q factor control.
  • Unique punch in FX operation based on momentary triggers allows for accurate timing and delivery.

Dub filter

  • Switchable HP/LP, one-knob style resonant filter with 3 different routing options: A) Only on music source, B) On master output, C) On samples only. One of a kind dubwise implementation.
  • Q Factor control for extended resonant sound-shaping.


  • In addition to the extra gains available on the killer bands, a further 4 band parametric EQ (dynamic readings of frequency cutoff) with +/-24 dB
  • 10 Band graphic EQ with +/-10 dB.
  • EQ routing selector allows for any combination of the above. 45 Hz cut switch.

Session recorder

  • Wav/Aiff master output recording.


  • Dedicated adjustable limiters for master, reverb and echo.

Dub siren

  • Pitch control.
  • Dual LFO (sine and square waveform) with dedicated rate and depth controls.
  • Echo send level.
  • 12 Slot preset selector with save & load sets.
  • Bitcrusher and sample rate.

Sampler player

  • 12 Slot (momentary and one-shot play).
  • Effects send level.
  • High pass filter.
  • Clear all samples button.


  • Fully mappable. Every parameter on screen can be assigned to one or several controls on one or more MIDI controllers. One or more parameters can be mapped to a single control.
  • Custom integration with Akai MidiMix including LED feedback.
  • Compatible with any class-compliant MIDI controller.
  • Save & load MIDI configuration and mappings.
  • Re-scan function.
  • Controller list display.

User modes

  • Safe mode (killer frequencies and gains are restricted to usables ranges, as are FX and dub filter). Simplified interface.
  • Advanced mode is unrestricted and displays full interface.

Keyboard control

  • The most important controls are pre-mapped for precise and instant operation.
  • Browse through playlists, load & play songs.
  • Forget about trackpad or mouse. Perfectly usable without MIDI controller.

Spectrum analyzer and customization

  • FFT Spectrum analyser displays master signal.
  • Linear or Logarithmic options.
  • 3 Way selector to choose from Spectrum display, EQ’s or Static image.
  • Use your own logo or image to overlay the Spectrum and choose a background colour for the entire UI, using the colour picker in setup.