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Amp FreQQ was always designed to be a “control tower” (see FAQ for an explanation ? ) program at its core and not a DJ app.
However, after feedback from valued users about what they wanted , this feature was added on. You can create short playlists to easily scroll through and cue tracks ready for playing next. The idea is that you know the music you have ready for the session and choose order easily, through this system .

How to create and play from your first playlist

The playlist window is opened from one of the two buttons above tracks A and B

  • Find your music on Finder or Explorer.
  • Click and drag tracks to the playlist in roughly the order you want to play. (There is no reorder function) One or several at a time* 
  • Save playlist 
  • Then load saved playlist, so the app can properly control it

*Playlists of no more then 50 tracks are recommended

There are two play systems, “single play” and an autoplay playlist

You can SCROLL and LOAD & PLAY the tracks from PLAYLIST window (Keyboard , mouse or midi control) or better, from our unique Playbar playlist view

Hitting the delete button erases the selected track and clear removes everything including loaded playlist

To Scroll you simply use the keyboard, mouse (Up/down on playlist itself) or your midi set up/down, then you can choose to leave it cued ready or immediately LOAD & PLAY (This is different from the Play/pause button)

The play/pause button will only play what is currently loaded in the playbar

Please note that scroll up/down and Next/Previous are different functions. So on the playlist the controls beside the LOAD & PLAY buttons are scroll up and Scroll down

Cue a track to play
(This is a newly developed idea that allows you to scroll though the tracks from your playlist directly from the playbar (Playbar view) This means you can close the Playlist windows and browse your playlist, directly from the main user interface and still have access to all the controls in general.

Press Space bar (maybe twice) or your assigned switches on your controller or click the time left section on the Playbar, the playbar highlights white and displays the current selected track in the playlist.

You can now scroll for the next track, one at a time directly from the playbar using, keyboard or midi control

Once you select the track, you can either leave it on screen or go back to normal view.  LOAD & PLAY at any time.

In theory you can have, up to 3 tracks queued ready to play using both playlists