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The Digital Dub Factory

The Digital Dub Machine is the first company in the world to release a Reggae PreAmp in software format. Born of a love for dub and roots reggae music, what started as a hobby in youth has sparked a lifelong ambition to create some of the best music production software around.

Our range of Amp FreQQ products work just like their physical counterparts and are on sale worldwide to rave reviews. Our digital reggae preamps allow you to add filters, effects, sirens, reverbs, EQs, and many other tweaks, live, on the spot, while you’re playing back music and, effectively, redubbing.

When professional sound engineers and top producers make a mix, they have separate tracks with auxiliary channels for the effects they use. When they’re echoing and adding reverb, they’re doing so to individual tracks on a mixing desk. Not anymore.

Amp FreQQ is a way to do the same thing, but without having access to the individual tracks. We can tune-in and pick out a sound from your stereo recording and affect that element only. It’s not an exact science, but we have perfected the technique to a very high level.

Other DJ software will let you loop a part of a song. But they use a different style of music such as House, Pop or Hip-Hop, where it’s easy to pick out four bars to produce a four-bar loop. We do something different.

The Digital Dub Machine applies King Tubby-style dubbing techniques to an already finished track. We can add a variety of new effects as if recorded on the original multi-track. Thereby consistently creating new “versions” every time you listen to your music.

A secondary benefit of our Amp FreQQ products is that we design them to function as control towers. A reggae sound system’s control tower will generally cost around £4000-£5000 and consist of:

  • Reggae PreAmp (a mixer with built-in external cross-over)
  • Mic input
  • EQ System
  • Boxes

With our Amp FreQQ Midi Mix Bundle, for example, you get all that power of a reggae preamp and much more. We created this tool to give you four sound groups on any speaker system. Just plug in the Amp FreQQ Midi, and you’ve suddenly got a powerful four-way reggae preamp at your disposal for a fractional cost.

Initially, we designed Amp FreQQ for home use only, but our customers in Poland, Mexico, France, the USA, and beyond, use our digital dub machine for all kinds of commercial purposes. So, we decided to create a Pro version, too, which is designed explicitly for Sound Systems.

When we watch the videos our customers send in, it’s like they’ve merged into the music. Amp FreQQ allows them to get so deep into remixing and dubbing the music they love that it’s as if they become enveloped in the experience.

While customers were singing the phrases of our digital dub machine, we started working on a mobile version. Our new app for Android and iOS smartphones will use the essence of Amp FreQQ but in a revolutionary Touch Screen interface. The Android version is currently on Google Play.

The many glowing reviews of our reggae preamp from satisfied customers, makes time missed with family and working late hours all seem worthwhile. Our love and passion for developing the very best music production software is all we think, dream, breath, every day.