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Midi Controllers

The midi implementation is simple and should work on all midi controllers, but we cannot guarantee functionality with dedicated units for other applications. So long as it is class compliant and recognised by the operating system, it should be available on Amp FreQQ.

You can assign more then one controller, ie, one for the main dubbing controls, one for EQ and FX control. Any combination is possible

At the moment we only have mapping files for the Akai Midimix available to customers


Midi Learn

This is how you will choose which button or knob on your controller, performs which function, or, to change the configuration or layout of an existing midi controller setup.

  • First open “Settings” and check to see if your connected controller is displayed. If it is not, please click “Midi Rescan”, and your controller / device should be recognised by the program. Once your controller is displayed you can begin the mapping process.
  • Before you do this, open all the interface windows, panel, playlist A and playlist B, dub siren setup. This way they are all open and ready to be mapped. Click the “Midi Learn” switch. This may take a few seconds to engage and disengage. The interface will display an overlay with some new parameters. 
  • The interface will display an overlay with some new parameters, now you can click on any function or parameter on the app and it will highlight in a reddish colour, and assign it a control.
  • Click, push or turn your desired control on your midi controller and on screen, it will clear the highlight. If you click that parameter on screen again , the highlight will be green and this confirms that it has been assigned. You may also add multiple functions just by following the same procedure, for example you can set several kill switches to be controlled one button on the controller (highlight your selected kills on the app, then push a single button on the controller) or you can add two or more buttons, faders or dials to any single function on the app. All functions are available for MIDI control on the app, including the twelve sample slots. Be careful to assign everything carefully one at a time. Note: Please open panel, playlists or siren setup panels/pages, BEFORE opening midi learn , if you wish to map controls on those sections.
  • To delete a single assigned control, whilst in midi learn mode, click the control you want to clear (It will be green) then press the shift key and click with the mouse
  • Once you have completed your assignments, Click off midi learn, then please do the following right away.
  • Test all the controls are working correctly and if not please delete all assignments that are wrong and reassign carefully
  • Click Save midi config and name your mapping file , then click save.
  • Click Load midi config  the same file from where you saved it (otherwise all your mappings may be lost) .
  • You will notice that two files appear on the screen to confirm. As shown in the image below, in enlarged text

LEDS & Momentary / Toggle buttons On MIDI controllers 

For the moment only Akai Midimix has built in LED functionality with Amp FreQQ V2*

In Midi learn mode you will notice that some buttons have the numbers 1/2 beside them. These are provided in case your controller has no editing mode for toggle and momentary function. If a button on your controller requires two presses, try changing this setting. If your controller does have editing mode (with or without LED functionality), please set accordingly ….

Kill Switches should be set to toggle

HP/LP Switch should be toggle

Most of the commonly used others will be momentary

*Some midi controllers have LED functionality and by configuring the buttons to toggle or momentary, they will automatically work as they should . You may need to use the controllers own editor to do this



Save Midi Config               This will save all the mappings you have currently assigned to a file.

Load Midi Config               This will load your saved mappings (Two files should display as shown above).

Midi Rescan                        Rescans and displays any connected Midi controllers.

Midi Learn Mode                Learning mode , so you can assign any parameter to any control.

Mapping Reset                   Will delete all current mapping assignments.


Keyboard layout                 Displays an image of the keyboard shortcuts. that you can leave on screen

Restore to default               Resets all levels back to default settings and levels

Clear samples                     Removes all currently loaded samples.


Colour settings                    Set the background colour of the User interface (Default colour is also provided).

Blue power button              Turn the DSP on or off. It is advised to turn off when changing drivers.