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How do I use the FreQQ ?



Amp FreQQ is a Powerful sound processor and unlike traditional  DJ systems, has a operation more akin to a multitrack mixing console but performance of a reggae sound system control tower.. Whilst you do not have stems to work with, the killer bands allow for instant kills, thus permitting similar creative potential. In addition to this, the filtered FX blend in and are independent to the output via the killer bands.

  • We use Trigger push sends to “punch in” FX  directly into the music. There are independent FX sends for source inputs, Mic / Aux, DubSiren and Samples. This gives the user access to 4 sound sources to trigger echo from, at any moment. Since the  built-in bandfilters process the FX return signal , the audio will not over power the music playing.. Sweep the bandfilters  (Frequency) at the same time as triggering any of the FX sends and add more variation

Please see our demo videos for some examples of dubbing tricks .Demo videos

  • Engage the DubFilter to create a  swooshing effect , still while able to use all FX sends., Mic, sample and Dubsiren
  • Push up the sub bass to get that sound system rumble (With caution)
  • Play solo sub bass by killing bass, mids and tops. Then apply FX , samples mic, or dubsiren
  • There are not set rules, start will on kills on, or just FX with kills off then bring them on one by one
  • Use the Echo as a sound generator to add texture or to repeat out vocals, guitar chords, snares etc. By choosing the right frequencies you can almost pinpoint in this way.
  • Please see our demo videos  for some examples . Demo videos


Where can I use this software ?

Use at Home on PA, clubs and any Full range speaker set up. Even headphones
Play along side live artists to provide dubbing on any music
Create and record remixes and exclusive “DUBPLATES” by adding, effects, EQ, Sirens, samples ect
Create Mix Tapes for Soundcloud , YouTube, MixCloud etc
Create your own samples
Use on Radio and utilise the sample player for jingles or other sounds
Use in the studio to test mixes to see how it would sound played out, or to strip out basslines and record etc

Use as a processor for the final output from a DAW, DJ Apps etc
Can be used to digitise analogue recordings and transfer your Vinyl and Cassettes etc

< don't fear the FreQQ >
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