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Let's play! (Quick Start)

First and foremost test whether you are producing sound. Press the number 1 key on your keyboard, which is the siren trigger key. If you get no sound please refer to Audio Interface & routing

Set your amplifiers /speaker volume to suit. If using headphones, set a little lower than usual, so you can work your way up!

It is advised to leave all gain levels at default settings ( Except source inputs and “Master” gain) until you have a good understanding of this application.

Now open a Finder or Explorer window and select a compatible music file . Simple drag and drop as shown in the clip 

Now press keys Z and V to kill the Sub Bass and Tops bands.

Press G as shown to start the audio file loaded in Track A

Once the music begins, try out these two keys momentarily one after the other,…. Q & W to trigger Reverb and echo

Now  Press V to bring in the tops band, then Press Z  at the right moment to drop in the Sub Bass ! Boom !

Press Right Arrow key and keep pressed to fully engage DubFilter

Press Left Arrow key and keep pressed to fully disengage DubFilter

Now to Rewinddddd….. Press B and do it all again in any which way you please


Congratulations you just dubbed your first track on the FreQQ 🙂