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Team AmpFreQQ FAQs

What is a control tower ?

“Control tower” is a coverall term to describe all the equipment, from music source, up to (not including) amplifiers. This equipment in general consists of: -Music source – Pre Amp (In essence, an audio mixer with powerful EQ, filters, special routing and aux sends to effects. Moreover, there is complete control over 2 – 6 sound groups with individual kill switches and crossover with separate outputs) – Sample player. – Dub Siren – Tape echo / delay and Reverb. Amp FreQQ is 4 way PreAmp software that combines all of the above in one intuitive package. Simply connect, via the built in audio out on your laptop, or external sound card, and play on ANY full range speaker setup.

Why Amp FreQQ ?

Amp FreQQ offers a unique experience in musical playback, in being as close (we feel) to the authentic hardware pre amp / control tower experience as you can get, digitally. It allows a user to intuitively interact with the music as though they were a vintage mixing engineer or sound system operator. All the euphoria of dropping the sub bass in and out, the applying of effects , the Dubfilter, DubSiren, Samples and other processes will add incredible new dimensions to your music listening experience. No track will ever be played the same way twice thus reviving everything you play. It is also a comprehensive educative tool , where you can start to learn about all matters related to frequency. The possibilities of this application are endless.

Whats the difference between V2 and older versions ?

We have been operating since 2017 and have learned quite a bit, both through the use of the software, and comprehensive artist and user feedback. Amp FreQQ V2 now encompasses everything we have learnt, as well as new suggestions, updated and upgraded features and much much more. (Existing users please contact us about upgrading at:

I already have DJ software , why do I need this ?

A good question! Amp FreQQ can be used to process the sound in a way completely different to what you may be used to, as reggae and sound culture tend to focus on a slightly different presentation of the music. Rather than the onus being on the beatmatch, and the “mix”, reggae and dub tend to be more focused on the manipulation of the song and the sound. It essentially adds a remastering tool to your chain with the added function of being able to add effects in a special and unique way. For the selector ( the name for the person playing the songs), two digital file players are included, alongside all the controls necessary for this kind of presentation. In this way, we feel AmpFreqq is FAR BETTER suited to reggae presentation, than “DJ software”

Does it work with Serato and Traktor and other software ?

Yes. Amp FreQQ has auxiliary audio inputs, and so any external sound source can be used. In certain cases, DJ software can be routed internally to AmpFreqq, (through use of third party apps . Or route in through the use of an external soundcard (You could also use 2 computers, one for DJ software, one for Amp FreQQ) (Please see our connection diagrams) The vast majority of our users have no problem routing our software, but we are always available to support in any way we can, simply contact us with your particular setup. If you are using a controller with an audio interface built in, then a few budget models may not function with the FreQQ directly, such as certain Serato products)

How can I use Amp FreQQ in my set up ?

Pleases refer to the following page for Connection Diagrams

Can Amp FreQQ be used as a VST in my DAW?

Amp FreQQ is a stand alone application but you can use it in a number of ways

  • Route into Amp FreQQ to process the audio directly from the DAW and add effects, samples etc*
  • Use a dedicated computer with audio interface and send & return to your DAW computer
  • The app already has a “record out”, so you could take a basic mix of your track and use the FreQQ to add effects, samples, etc and even play live

*If the DAW does not route directly, the use of a 3rd party inter app audio application should help

Can we really use this instead of a real PreAmp?

Yes…. Whilst this app was originally designed for home / small PA use, if you are setup the program correctly, then you can certainly use Amp FreQQ V2 on a LARGE sound system in place of your hardware preamp / delay / siren / EQ etc. (tried and tested by an “in house soundman”!) However, we recommend use of a LMS (Loudspeaker Management System) or crossover unit between the software, and the amp rack. They are specifically designed to operate a sound system with separate speaker arrays, with clear frequency band division, to send the correct signals to each amp in your chain, and speaker protection (compression and limiting) . That will take care of the amplifiers and speakers, then you play the FreQQ for the creative part !

Do I need a Midi controller ?

No, its obviously better, but we took time to organise and implement a keyboard layout that actually is very very playable. We have even included an “echo feedback” control! It would make sense to buy a separate USB Keyboard , just for FreQQ (And you could label it )

What Midi controller ?

Whilst Amp FreQQ V2 has been optimised to accommodate our custom Akai Midmix controller (available as part of a bundle on our “Shop” page), any Midi Controller can be assigned and you can save and recall mappings of one or more controllers. So long as it is “class compliant” and has a generic midi mode that sends out midi messages , it will work. We can recommend: Novation Launch Control XL, Korg NanoKontrol Studio, Novation Zero Sl Mark 2(Discontinued but very good)

What Audio Interface ?

This application can work with your computers own built in interface . However to use multiple inputs simultaneously (ie: to play vinyl, CD, mic, etc) you will need an external interface with 2-3 or more input channels with good drivers. We cannot recommend any particular unit but if you just want to play one turntable, we can suggest the budget Behringer UFO 202 since it has a built in phono stage, or the Traktor “Audio” cards, which also have built in phono stages. Again though, any compliant sound card should function just fine.

What is the minimum computer Specifications ?

Minimum requirements

Apple Mac 2010 Intel i5 & 4Gb RAM

MacOS 10.11 El Capitan – tested to Catalina 10.5.3

PC 2010 with Intel i3 or equivalent CPU , 4 Gb Ram & Windows 7, 8, 10

Is there a trial version?

There is no trial version at the moment, but our product is tried and tested and we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on satisfaction. Check our many reviews from all over the world

Does it work on Iphone , android, Tablets Linux etc ?

At the moment it is only available for Mac OS and Windows platforms

What are the licencing terms?

Two licences for Mac or PC per purchase

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