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The track loads but does not play at all

Click Settings, audio settings and check that the blue DSP power is engaged. If it is not, set your driver, inputs & outputs first, then switch on and the CPU will begin to display readings

The performance seems a bit slow on my computer

Settings, audio settings, change Vector size to 1024 and Io vector to 256 and see if this improves. Note: This will increase input latency and the systems performance is dependant on the power of your CPU and audio interface

The audio is cracking and distorted

Settings, audio settings, check sample rate is the same throughout. First click audio driver setup. (If you are using your own interface driver, check the sample rate). Otherwise on Mac sound, check all inputs and outputs are set to the same sample rate. On Windows check all sample rates by clicking on properties, then advanced to check the sample rate, inputs and outputs. Ensure the same rate is set on Amp FreQQ audio settings