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New Free Sample Pack!

The second volume of our sample pack collection is here! 24 One-shot audio files recorded from hardware spring tanks and processed thru different kinds of FX units and filters. In case you didn’t download the previous volume already, you can get it here.

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Amplitude by Tuff Kaya #3

Crucial Reggae tunes inna dub fashion. Don’t forget to subscribe to Tuff Kaya’s YouTube channel to get your weekly treat!

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Free Sample Pack!

To celebrate the launch of our blog we are giving away our first Sample Pack: 24 One-shot audio files to use with Amp FreQQ’s sample player. This is the first volume of our sample pack collection, produced by Tuff Kaya using old school analog synthesizers and effect units.

How to use the samples?

Download, unzip the file below and go to the Samples folder. On Amp FreQQ V2, click the Panel button to reveal the right-side panel. Then drag each audio file from the pack into a different sample slot (the numbered circles). A total of 12 samples can be loaded at the same time, so this pack contains 2 full sets of samples. You can choose between 2 types of button behaviour (Momentary and One-Shot) by switching the little red buttons of each sample slot.

¿Cómo usar los samples?

Descarga y descomprime el fichero que encontrarás más abajo. Localiza dentro la carpeta Samples. En Amp FreQQ, clicka el botón Panel para mostrar el panel derecho. Arrastra cada archivo de audio del pack en un espacio diferente del Sample Player (los círculos numerados). Se pueden cargar hasta 12 samples simultáneamente, por tanto este pack contiene 2 sets completos. Los samples pueden comportarse de dos modos: Momentáneo y One-Shot. Puedes cambiar el modo de cada sample usando los pequeños botones rojos.

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Custom Visualizer Pack #1

Let’s pimp up those FreQQs out there with a nice pack of three official Amp FreQQ images for your Visualizer. Just drag and drop the file into the Visualizer area on Amp FreQQ V2, press play and watch the magic happen.

Click the link below to download the zip file containing the 3 images and a “how to do it” gif file.

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The FreQQ Show by Kiki Slawter

Join the Warrior Queen of the FreQQs every Thursday for a wicked dose of heavyweight tunes and skillful technique.
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Amplitude by Tuff Kaya #2

Crucial Reggae tunes inna dub fashion. Don’t forget to subscribe to Tuff Kaya’s YouTube channel to get notified every week!

Audio version:

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Amplitude by Tuff Kaya #1

We are launching a brand new weekly show! Tune in and watch the power of Amp FreQQ v2 in combination with all sorts of analogue dub weaponry and a strictly vinyl reggae selection.

Audio version:


BB Seaton 
Pharaoh Gone Away + Version
Max Romeo If Them Ever + Version
I Kong Life’s Road + Version
Al Bell Babylon A Cannibal + Version
Asher & Trimble – Humble Yourself + Version
Albert Malawi Children of the Emperor + Version
Flick Wilson as Dandy Lion Vives + Version
John Holt Chanting + Version
Triston Palmer The First Time Girl + Version
Leroy Smart Love In My Heart + Version
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