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Amp FreQQ v3

The all-in-one dubbing station for Windows and Mac

For the last couple of years, we have poured our souls into one sole mission: to bring Amp FreQQ to the highest level of excellence in audio fidelity and creative capabilities. And, we didn’t stop there.


???? Flatter sound. Re-engineered and rebuilt isolator/kills section to achieve the highest degree of transparency and fidelity from the original music. 

????️ Rebuilt EQs. We turned the parametric equalizer into a 4-band resonant sweep filter, and refined the graphic EQ to avoid coloring. This way, one EQ units serves as a creative tool for audio sculpting while the other performs as a classic, straight-forward equalizer suited for all uses, from savage 10-band tricks to accurate and subtle adjustments.

????️ Overall gain restructuring for better sound delivery.

????️ Pure sub-bass option to remove mid-range artifacts when the sub-bass is solo.

➡️ Improved Bypass Filter mode. When BP Filter is active, the echo and reverb will bypass completely their respective internal filters. While our classic FX mode is designed to blend nicely with the music for in-tune mixing, by enabling BF Filter in any or both FX units you get the opposite result: heavy-weight and unadulterated repetitions, ideal to “echo out” a tune sound system style. This feature is located in the main interface to allow the user to easily switch modes while performing.

????️ Readings galore. Several types of on-screen readings were added across the interface in order to help advanced users to fine-tune their system. Not only gain levels but also frequency cutoff points and Q factor levels on each band of the kills section and the FX internal filters.

???? No more guessing. A small but very useful addition: Two displays to show the selected Dub Siren preset and the selected sample. 

????️ Full-screen mode. Highly requested by FreQQs all around the globe.

????️ Window resizing. Make it tiny or super-size, whatever your taste.

???? Global presets. Save and load global configurations, including all of your FX, EQ, & settings, as well as sample sets. 

???? Improved limiters (master, reverb, and echo). We changed the sliders to rotary dials and included dB readings to make things easier. When the master limiter is active, the master VU meters display the resulting signal.

???? New Tape Echo mode. We added an alternative mode to the tape echo. Type 1 is the same echo you know and love, while Type 2 produces special high pass feedback. We also added tap tempo and a time display. Like every other control, the tap tempo button is mappable.

????‍????Adjustable Auto-Gain. When playing tunes from different genres or decades, the difference in the recording levels can be so huge that the FX levels that sound nice with some songs will be too loud or too quiet for other songs. Auto-gain is here to fix that, bringing all music to the same level. Additionally, a tiny little bit of compression is added, so your favorite oldies will sound tighter than ever. A dedicated knob allows the user to adjust how much of this process is applied to the music.

???? Complete redesign of the Sample Player. File names are now displayed on the screen, and the sample currently selected is highlighted. Sample sets can be saved and loaded. The echo send slider has been relocated to the panel area.

⛔️ Rewind stop. Before this upgrade, pressing rewind would automatically replay a song. You can now choose between Rewind & Stop or Rewind & Replay (default).

???? Multiple design improvements. Cleaner fonts, discrete sliders, refined VU meters, better accessibility to the audio settings window, and countless other adjustments aimed to reduce clutter.

???? Shortcuts. New keyboard shortcuts

???? User interface customization. Added a new slider to set the darkness of the background color, as well as a dial to control the transparency of your custom image/logo. The installation includes a nice bunch of sample graphics, plus a template to help you customize Amp FreQQ with your logo or any other PNG image file-

???? New installation system. It includes online activation and the automatic creation of a neat folder structure to store sample packs, visualizer images, mappings, etc. When opening the app for the first time, a set of samples is automatically loaded into the sample player to ensure instant enjoyment.

This major upgrade could  not come alone 😉


The New Midimix Overlay Family

We rearranged several controls to make room for the parametric EQ as well as four additional knobs to handle the siren’s LFOs rate and depth in a single layout. That means there is no need to choose between EQ focus and Siren focus anymore. But the really good news is that these new overlays are made of hard polycarbonate plastic instead of paper, making them durable and interchangeable.
(The new mappings files are included)

80s vibes inspired by Texas Instruments


Vintage Hi-Fi Extravaganza


Papa Gab’s The Classic, reinvented


Camo for a different planet

This is an exclusive deal for our beloved user base

Only for a limited time!
In appreciation for your support, we are giving all existing users of any version of the software the chance to upgrade to Amp FreQQ v3 a few weeks before public release at an insanely discounted price.
Furthermore, as a gesture of good faith towards our most recent customers, all licenses purchased in the last 3 months are eligible for a free upgrade!

There are 4 options available:

One license: £30
Two licenses: £50
One license + one overlay: £60*
Two licenses + one overlay: £80*

* Postage included. Offer only applicable to the new v3 overlays.

The installation also includes:
– Mapping files for the Akai Midimix.
– Demo songs by Lewis Bennet, Huergo, and Paul Fox.
– Four sets of original samples by Tuff Kaya.
– Customization graphics.


Windows 10
i5 6th Gen

Tested to Windows 11

MACOS 10.12 Sierra
i5 6th Gen

Tested to M1 and Monterey 12.5.1

How to claim your offer

If you own a license for Amp FreQQ, Amp FreQQ Mini, Amp FreQQ MIDI or Amp FreQQ v2, please check your email inbox and spam folder (as well as the promotions tab in case of Gmail). You might already have an email from us.

If you own a license but have not receive an email from us, or you lost access to the email account you used to buy the license, please fill up the form below. Make sure you add the correct information, because the form cannot be sent a second time.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: In the email, you will find a link for each purchase option. The links expire once you click on any one of them. For that reason, we encourage you to make your decision before clicking on any of them.